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Lightning your eyes with makeup

If you look at the face of a woman, the eyes are the first thing you can definitely note. Some claim that the eyes are a soul window. This is why the eye should be given the most attention, and why it is so important to choose its make-up, eye shadow and, more vitally, its…

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How Do Older Women Put On Makeup?

Makeup is not a specific thing for specific people, people at any age can do this art to make them look better. The variations on makeup will be laid on the age, people before age 30 can takes any type of makeup which is suitable for their skin. In the same line, people after age…

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not to wear make-up Make-up

Girls don’t wear make up still looks stunning and gorgeous

Can anyone tell about the meaning of beauty literally? Beauty is the smile, beauty is natural, beauty is confident, and beauty is the beauty. Most women kill their maximum time in spending money on buying make-up items and time for doing make-up things.  Many women who don’t wear makeup still look gorgeous, smart, and beautiful.…

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