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Changing Lives
Transforming Communities

Equipping churches for social action

Destiny Foundation


Changing Lives, Transforming Communities
Equipping churches for social action




We see a Foundation …

  • We see a vibrant, outreach programme where services grow as greater needs are identified. We see a range of responses that provide hope, accessibility to friendship and solutions in which all play their part.
  • We see a dynamic process through which people love their city and do all they can to seek the prosperity of its most vulnerable residents.  We see a diverse resource of staff and volunteers united in one purpose; meeting needs, loving the unloved, helping the hurting and offering hope where there is despair. We see a leadership leading with integrity and boldness.  Standing still is not an option or standing around for society‘s attitude to change is not in the plan.
  • We see our staff and volunteers walking in confidence, but living in humility, knowing that without faith they can do nothing. We see them “Committed to Excellence” and developing a network whose eye is on the ends of the earth, while realising that the ends of the earth starts at their end. We see people who don’t forget where they came from and long to reach out to others. We see the men finding their self-esteem and women their opportunities.
  • All will accept no one is perfect and so give room for the process of change.

We see a Foundation …

  • We see each person’s success being celebrated and the use of this as a step into overcoming disabling weaknesses. We see a growing team of staff working with a much larger volunteer force, working together for solutions.
  • We see outreach projects filled with answers for life’s crises and where there is no answer, a heart that feels and arms that embrace. We see a service that speaks in a language that we can all understand.
  • We see a Foundation, whose financial life becomes a river, giving more away than it spends on its own needs. We see a Foundation that follows the examples and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, believing in miracles, knowing that the power behind them is greater than the task ahead. We see this Foundation working hand in hand with other agencies that are also committed to make a real difference to those who are vulnerable.  Offering help to all and any, regardless of age, colour, creed, politics or sexual preference.
  • We see a way forward. Do you see it too?

Destiny Foundation



“Preserving Unity”

As the church takes action together on community issues they embody Christ’s call to reach the lost.


“Working Together”

We are all part of a bigger team. The team process will produce better results.


“Demonstrating Grace”

Accepting others, even when they don’t deserve it.


“Flow with Flexibility”

Embracing change as part of who we are.


“Living & Building from our Strengths”

Developing others by sharing skills, experience and resources as a network.


“Committed to Justice & Compassion”

We exist for those who are not yet with us.


“Focus on Integrity & Authenticity”

What happens in the Ministry activities is the outworking of what we hear from our church platforms.


“International Prayer”

A ministry has never failed because they prayed too much.


The first year was spent researching with an advisory board of professionals.



Destiny Angels Glasgow

The first Destiny Angels project, initially a helpline, followed shortly after by Destiny Church Edinburgh initiating a Destiny Angels project in Edinburgh.


Destiny Angels Stirling

Destiny Church Stirling picked up the baton in their city.


Destiny Angels Pilot Projects

Inverness and Fife Destiny Angels pilot projects launched.


New Social Action Centre in Glasgow

Initially rented to us, GMMS gifted this fantastic building a year later.


Tearfund 3 year Funded partnership

Initially to replicate Destiny Angels, however, replication models have been created for both Destiny Angels and Destiny Lifeline.


Destiny Angels Newcastle

Destiny Church Newcastle launched Destiny Angels in their city.


Destiny Lifeline Glasgow

The first Destiny Lifeline project initiated, supporting vulnerable women.


Destiny Superstore

Social enterprise initiative launched to support Destiny Foundation.


Destiny Hopeline Glasgow

A helpline offering hope, with plans for replication across our network of churches.


Destiny Angels Germany


Destiny Lifeline Edinburgh

Our first Lifeline prison ministry programme launched with a team from Destiny Church Edinburgh.




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David Thomson


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Susy Coupland

Development Manager

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Gwen Ross

Policy Advisor


Destiny Foundation

Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. (Hebrews 10:24)

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