Lips are the visible part in the face, it is soft, visible that helps to open the mouth to speak, eat, shout, smile, etc. Lips don’t need much care but after 30 years lips thin with age.

In this article, it explains some of the reasons about why lips thinning with the age? And how we can help to restore their fuller look?

Hormone and Genetic Change cause thinning lips with age

Based on genetics and hormone change the size, plumpness, and shape of lips get varied. This makes predisposed to thinning lips with age after 25-30.

In the teenage, the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid are sufficient for the lips growth but after 30 years of age, the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid gets slow down in the body leads to the lips are thinning.

Lifestyle choices makes lips are thinning

A chain smoker has a smoker lines on the lips. It makes the vertical lip lines & wrinkle that on the face. Stop using smoke and bad habits that cause thinning lips with age.

Smoking habit causes unhealthy and age look to a youngster makes lips are thinning. The toxic agent present in cigarette makes the lips darker. The age factor makes the natural teeth level to down also make thinning lips with the age.

Here are some of the best remedies for how to prevent lips from thinning?

  • The first thing to save the lips is, it must be hydrated. Lips must be hydrated by taking sufficient water gallon every day.
  • Prefer to eat food and vegetables that are rich in protein & Vitamin C helps to prevent lips thin with age
  • Apply natural and organic lip ointments and oils such as almond oil, coconut oil. This helps to avoid dehydration in the lips.
  • Drink plenty of water and liquid beverages to avoid lips are thinning
  • Use proper lipstick, lip gloss, & lip flavor agents to maintain the natural beauty of the lips.
  • Don’t go for over or extra make-up, it affects your skin, body, and lips. The over makeup makes your skin dry and you start to lose the moisturizer in the face lead to ugly makeup and awkward lips.

prevent lips from thinning

  • Avoid constant licking on the lips. It actually not moisturize your skin, it dries your skin as saliva contains digestive enzymes that evaporate saliva very fast in the lips.
  • Avoid roaming in the hot sun will definitely save your lip. When your face exposed to the sun, the body, face, and lips get dried very fast and may lead to lip crack.
  • Always use best lip balm & Vaseline based on the climatic change
  • During windy season, lips get chapped due to the fast evaporation of moisture on the lips.
  • Regular exfoliation leads to prevent skin from severe damage and the best moisturizer used on skin definitely protects the lips.

Treating the lips carefully by applying proper lip balms, drinking sufficient water helps for hydration in the skin, avoid smoking, and protect the skin from Sun UV rays gives the best result in lip thins with age. It helps for soft, plump, firm, and fuller appearance.