We generally have a feel like why is my hair texture changing?

The hair texture is generally called as the width of the hair or circumference of the hair which is classified into coarse, fine and medium. Coarse hair has the largest circumference, fine hair has the smallest circumference and Medium hair is considered as the normal one. Hair texture plays a major part in the beauty of the face and the person’s identity.

Reasons for change in hair texture

Unexplained change in hair texture due to Hormonal Imbalance:

The change in hormone generally affects the growth of the body and also causes the hair textures to change. For the look and appearance, hair plays a major part in face beauty.

Due to menopause and other hormonal imbalance can make your hair coarse and thin.

hair texture changing

  • Change in hair texture due to Genetics and Aging:

Genetics will determine the hair texture change. Aging factor also causes hair texture to change and draws color by building hydrogen peroxide which will make grey hair. Meanwhile, Gene passes through generation which naturally determines hair texture.

  • Medication causes hair texture to change

Medical illness or diseases mainly causes the symptoms of hair fall and change in hair texture. Low vitamin level and heat body make a regular chance for making the hair dry and thin. Iron deficiency in the human body holds the major role of unexplained change in hair texture.

  • Chemical hair treatment causes hair texture to change

Hairs a thin membrane when it is colored with dyes it loses the composition of its bond. Hair gets thin due to chemical treatments like dyeing which contains sulphur harmful to skin and hair.

  • High Alcohol Consumption:

Drinking alcohol not only makes an addiction but also tends to lose the hair’s strength and makes them thin and coarse. Beverage such as tea and coffee also causes hair texture to change. Stress and depression usually take a role in the daily life of human beings which also pave the way to change hair textures.

  • Pregnancy:

Women who are pregnant usually have a change in their texture of hair into thicker, shiner and strong. This is due to hormonal changes but a change in hair texture takes place only in women. Curly hair sometimes looks straighten due to hormone named estrogens.

Remedies for the changes

Usage of hair oils in a different way will reduce the loss as well as an unexplained change in hair texture

  • Applying coconut oil, amla oil, olive oil for 30-60mins and wash it with cold water.
  • Drinking of green tea causes hair texture to change
  • Using Aloe Vera gel once in 2-3 weeks.
  • Applying onion juice results in the immense growth of hair.
  • Applying egg in hair helps in smoothening.
  • Eating Vitamin A, C, D, E rich foods nourish the hair.

Change in hair textures occurs naturally but not consider it as a permanent one. They are just visitors who make a little change only. Hair fall is a usual happens to all. Normally 10-15 loss of hair in a day doesn’t affect major cause but more than that is a symptom for the disease. The change in curly hair causes hair texture to change due to natural genetic effects. Treatment can be taken for the hair texture change but a healthy diet which makes the best result for any changes.