Can anyone tell about the meaning of beauty literally? Beauty is the smile, beauty is natural, beauty is confident, and beauty is the beauty.

Most women kill their maximum time in spending money on buying make-up items and time for doing make-up things.  Many women who don’t wear makeup still look gorgeous, smart, and beautiful.

Girls who don’t wear make-up can proudly say that I don’t prefer to make up for the following best reasons:

Why some women who don’t wear makeup?

When you go for makeup, one must do the cleansing, scrubbing, bleach, facial, foundation, make-up, manicure, pedicure, etc. It is merely a waste of time and ton of money. One can save and preserve money for many uses.

Women who don’t wear makeup

Gently wash the face, do mild make-up with the basic natural items available in the house. Get ready in ten minutes and start to go for parties and functions.

The cost of moisturizer, body lotion, sunscreen, face pack, concealer, eye-liner, foundation and other makeup items definitely kills our monthly budget. One cream costs more than 200 rupees and when we start to use these products we look awkward when we go out without makeup.

Why some women who don’t wear makeup?  It’s just because it is merely a waste of time and money.

Giving Importance for Value of Time & Money:

For every men and woman time is the most precious thing. A perfect man always does his work perfectly and on time. When the women get ready for the functions or party they usually take 3 hours to do makeup. Sometimes function gets over and still that women are being busy in their make-up things.

Women who don’t wear makeup can definitely save precious time, valuable money and value to the people by simple make-up tricks and techniques to get ready to the office, work or party.

Best reasons to not to wear make-up are

  • Natural beauty is real beauty. Natural beauty is good for the face, health and body. Our body really thanks us when we allow them to do their regular duty.
  • If we kill them by applying any chemical added ingredients of creams into it, it starts to suffer and cause allergy, itching, skin problems to the body.
  • Girls who don’t wear makeup really look gorgeous and beautiful. The skin of the natural beauty women looks soft, shinning, and natural.
  • The improper choice of cream to the skin type definitely causes major issues & problems to the body. The over make-up on the face shows older age of look to the teenagers. This is the main reason to not wear makeup.
  • Have you ever noticed that new born baby and small babies look more beautiful? Do they apply any creams or lotions in their body? Definitely no, Just a simple make-up of powder after bath makes real natural beauty.
  • In buying make-up items we should have a concern about buying products of matching color dress along with wallets really costs beyond our budget range
  • Natural beauty gives confidence, self-esteem, power & control.

Women who don’t wear make-up are a real beauty. The natural beauty gives confident, self-esteem, power, inspiration, and control. They save time and money. They give importance to the body parts and their proper functions. The uses of chemical ingredients present in makeup items definitely cause major problems to the skin.