Makeup is not a specific thing for specific people, people at any age can do this art to make them look better. The variations on makeup will be laid on the age, people before age 30 can takes any type of makeup which is suitable for their skin. In the same line, people after age 50 have some certain tips and steps to control their age signs. To know more about the makeup tips and hairstyles for women over 70 read this article.

How do older women put on makeup?

Makeup that empowers you

Makeup is an art to express yourself in the way of your best version. Have you known some certain makeup tips for older women put on makeup? Take down the tips from the following points.

Primarily use primer

Age doesn’t matter to use primer as a base coating for women skin but based on your skin tone you have to apply the cream foundation. Be alert and assure about your skin health while applying the primer. Prefer to use light primer cream products.

Foundation gives the best coverage

The second step is after applying the primer you have to use the right foundation cream which gets suitable for your skin and free from patching with other beauty products. Based on your skin wrinkles and aging you can prefer to use a foundation brush instead of a sponge. Go with the light foundation from the rich product will remove the aging on your skin and provides a fresher look on the skin.

older women put on makeup

Use the shade of concealer

Using the right shade of concealer based on your foundation tone will help to reduce the signal of redness in cheeks, dark circles on eyes and age spots on face, neck. You should not apply that on under eyes you have to apply the concealer on your cheekbone just a minute distance under your eyes.

Make a difference on your lips

Next step is to transform your lips you have to highlight your lip according to your skin tone by the method of using lip liner and lipstick. Apply the lip liner on the edge of your lip and color it with the lipstick to look finally young even at the age over 50.

makeup tips for women over 50

Eyes are the key to express your appearance

Every woman has beautiful eyes in their own way but highlighting that on the right way matters their look. You have to add eyebrow color, eye shadow, and eyeliner to change your appearance exactly you should use the same color of every eye makeup products. Use light contrast eyebrow shadow color, then take eyebrow pencil to highlight it.

After that you have to apply eye makeup for over 50 on eye shadow prefer to use dark color with the smaller amount, then you have to apply uneven eyeliner as per your eye shape. Then use mascara on your eyelashes to give voluminous eyelashes.

Your cheeks are the tool to give glow on the face

After the eye makeup, you have to concentrate next on cheeks. Among the cream and powder, you can pick the best product for your skin. Use the brush to apply powders on your cheeks and add emphasis to your eyes.