If you look at the face of a woman, the eyes are the first thing you can definitely note. Some claim that the eyes are a soul window. This is why the eye should be given the most attention, and why it is so important to choose its make-up, eye shadow and, more vitally, its application.

Let’s see about what is the purpose of lightening your eyes with makeup first and foremost. It should distinguish your eyes from all other facial features. This can be accomplished by using the right shadow color and ensuring that it is properly blended around the eyes.

Use a color that matches or contrasts your eyes so that your eyes are distinguished. You try to stop combining your makeup so that your eyes can vanish.eye makeup

Your eye shadow should have at least three shades – a light base color, a slightly darker shadow color and, lastly, a dark highlight for the plugs around your eyes. The most important tip to note is to combine all colors. To make this work. Time, patience and practice are required.

First apply maquillage to your eyes and then apply the base to your face. Start with your eyes and work down. You know how to makeup and which areas you need to avoid so that you do not smear your face.

After you finish the foundation, add the base color of the eyeshadow. Then add your eyelids to the key hue. Finally, use the highlight. But be careful, be careful. If the highlight is wrongly applied, the eyes may look too wide and look like you want to hide. Mix the three colors of the eye to make the transition look easy.

When your eye shadow is done, you should start using makeup to emphasize eyes and your eyebrows and eyelashes. Your eyebrows make your eyes character, so you should not ignore them while you make up your eyes. Brush with a brow and then shape with an eyeliner. Make sure your eyeliner is sharp and fits your mascara’s shade.

mascaraIf you apply mascara correctly, eyelids are very useful for your eyes, particularly if you have smaller, more beady eyes. Mascara extends the eyelashes and thickens them. But make sure you first use an eyelash curler so that your blended eyeshadow is not mixed up. Like several beauty tricks, everything goes a long way.

If you have darker eyes that lighten them, you may add shimmer to your eyes. But be careful, in older women, the flicker will draw attention to the wrinkles in your eyes. But special occasions need special touches on your eye make-up, so you can add a little glitter on your forehead. You will lighten your eyes by drawing a point or two on the inner edge of your eyes with a white eyewear or eyeshadow.