Many women have a doubt that why is my skin so dry even when I moisturize? Of course, these types of doubts happen to almost all women in the world. The main reason is dehydration.

Skin still dry after moisturizing may happened because of choosing wrong moisture that doesn’t suit for the skin. Here we discuss the best trick & tips to avoid dehydration in the skin.

For all Skin types, choosing the best moisturizing is the phenomenal ways to protect your body from overheat. The only thing is that the skin should be ready to absorb your moisturizer and lotion you apply to the skin. Here, we discuss the most common moisturizing mistakes

Best Choice of the Cleanser:

The top-level moistures did not even work out well when you choose the harsh cleanser for your skin. The improper use of cleanser makes the skin so dry and the moisturizer applied to the skin doesn’t show any good result leads to skin feels tight after moisturizing even it is a branded one.

To avoid this situation, choose the best cleanser perfect to your skin type. In case of dry skin, it is perfect to choose the hydrating cleanser that replenishes the skin moisture. Applying of moisture after the hydrating cleanser shows the better result.

Choosing the best moisturizer for the skin type

Suppose when you use an oily skin moisturizer for a dry skin personality, definitely, it results in skin feels tight after moisturizing. Dry skin needs more moisturizer ingredients than oily skin personalities. So beware of selecting the best moisturizer for the desired skin pattern.

In case of dry skin, select the moisturizer that has more hydration & nourishment pack.  In moisturizer, ingredients keep an eye of ingredients that includes ceramides, hyaluronic acid & glycerin level in the dry skin moisturizer. You definitely won’t feel skin still dry after choosing best moisturizing cream suitable for your skin.

Exfoliation on skin

It is necessary to exfoliate the skin to avoid dead skin cells on the face and body. Gentle exfoliation is necessary for regular skin care at least for once in a week. Exfoliation definitely helps for moisturizing, hydration, sustain make up on the face for a long time.

If you skip exfoliation definitely you feel like I moisturize but my skin is still dry and you are confused with the answers?. The use of best scrubber based on skin type results in the best exfoliation and the moisture after exfoliation results best skin glow.

Dehydration of skin

Dehydration of skin due to water gallon intake

Another reason for why is my skin so dry even when I moisturize? Is just because the skin needs hydration and your skin gets dehydrated. The dry skin needs water and oil for hydration whereas oily skin needs water for hydration.

The dehydration on the skin happens just because there is no sufficient intake of water gallon every day. It is necessary to take proper water and liquid and fresh vegetables help to moisture the skin and show the best result after applying moisturizer or any body lotion.

Many moisturizers are available in the market that contains more hydrating ingredients to maintain skin glow and make the skin moisturize.

For best results, follow the skin care rules, regularly do exfoliation, and proper intake of water definitely makes your skin moisturized. Keep an eye on selecting the product by reading the ingredients ratio present in it.